That Old Time Religion

If there is a God, he must be one of the members of 
The Band, and "The Last Waltz" would be his

It doesn't get much better than this clip.


Look Around

     How often do you look around in an empty garage or lobby, or glance upwards for minutes on end to watch an airplane land?

     I, for one, almost never do.

     Mostly,we go about our daily routines seemingly unaware of the interesting visuals surrounding us.   However, the same can't be said for photographer Branislav Kropilak who showcases the subtle aesthetic beauty of everyday sights.

     Check out his website and be prepared to never see billboards, trains, lobbies, or desolate garages in the same light again.



"Once in awhile it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way they have been told to."

 Alan Keightley


Killing it Softly

One of the hardest feats of photography is capturing an 
image that revolutionizes the way you see a subject while 
making you think,"I could do that".  

Scottish photographer turned Austin,Texas transplant, 
Sandy Carson, does this so well it hurts. 
A simple perusing of his website proves that effective 
photography does not necessarily come from years of 
schooling, but more from a general understanding and love
of one's subject.  

But then again I may be a bit biased because his pics
showcase what I love: skating, music, and awesome 
black and white photography!

Take a look and see if you agree....


free to roam


The soul, without the body, plays."

- Petronius


Sneak Peek

While Max Schaaf continues to blow the doors off the 
chopper scene with his own unique blend of old school 
Frisco style scoots,it is evident that his skating days are
not too far behind him with the release of his new vans
syndicate line.  

Vans unleashed a black and red style of Max's 
4q Conditioning sneakers last month. But don't be fooled
by their initially subtle look...not only are these kicks 
ribbed with detail, they also come with a free pair 
of one of a kind motorcycle grips!

Check them out at either

and check out all things cool on Max's personal blog

Brooklyn in the house


Brooklyn based graffiti artist- turned gallery artist -turned
toy maker, Kaws, is kicking off his solo exhibit this Saturday
in Los Angeles' Honor Fraser Gallery.  

The exhibition, entitled "The Long Way Home", will showcase
KAWS' wide variety of painting and sculptural pieces.  
For all the cool kids in La-La land this is one show not to miss.

 2622 S. La Cienega Blvd
  Los Angeles, CA 90034


Imposter Among Us


"Before we can become who we really are,
we must become conscious of the fact that the person who we think we are,
here and now, is at best an impostor and a stranger."

- Thomas Merton


Last Light

Ben Nichols, best known as the whiskey and cigarettes inflected 
lead vocalist of Memphis rock band Lucero, has just released his 
first solo album entitled Last Pale Light in the West. 

Based on characters and events from Cormack McCarthy's novel 
Blood Meridian, Nichols' melodramatic solo release strays 
quietly from the normal "lost love" themed ramblings of Lucero songs.

In nine short songs, Nichols manages to resurrect the heart aching
guitar and rumbling vocals sound of every old cowboy tune with 
a subtle flare of his own.