Godspeed, Andy.

Andy Kessler, a New York skateboarding legend, has died today at the age of 49.
Kessler was not only a large factor in the late 70s and early 80s skate scene in NY, but he was also the major push behind most of the skate parks.
He will be sorely missed in the skate world.


"Never underestimate man's determination to be free"
- A. Watkins

I just like this quote and this photo......

photo by Alex Majol


I Had a Dream I Was Naked.....

For Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim, by serenading Bacardi's newest commercial with their catchy hipster tune, "Daylight", these two have gone from mainstream obscurity to living proof that all you need is a drum, a keyboard, and a whole lot of luck.

With a commercial plastered on television sets across America and a nomination for MTV's "breakthrough video of the year" for a nudity ridden short Matt and Kim seem to be on top of the world.

Hell, if nothing else their songs will definitely make your foot tap the floor and your giant rimmed neon hipster shades steam with excitement.

Check them out here

Goodbye, Norma Jeane

  47 years ago, today, America lost an icon in Marilyn Monroe, after
a massive overdose of sleeping pills.  Luckily, photographers like 
Eve Arnold left us some georgeous images to remember Marilyn.

Eve's photos can be found here


Right This Way, Sir

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found him or herself. But the self is not something that one finds. 
It is something one creates."

- Thomas Szasz

For SMS....when you look back on what may seem your darkest road you will see that I was always waiting on the roadside with unlit candles waiting to help guide your way, for the end result will be the brightest light to ever shine!  you

The Monsters are Taking Over!!!!!!!

Well I am a little bit late posting this little find, however thats what happens when you are cooped up in a hospital for a week.  ( Don't ask)

I didn't see any pigs flying and the temperature in Hell is still pretty warm, yet somehow Banksy shmoozed his way into having the Bristol Museum allow his takeover of the joint.  I can't even imagine what they were thinking, especially since the exhibit is free!!!!

So, if you are in any way able to get your arse over to Bristol before August 31st you are crazy if you do not take advantage of this showing.

check out Banksy's website for more details.