Ticket Please

I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.

                                      -  Rosalia del Castro

picture by me thanks to a long ride on Massachusetts' MBTA line.

Warping Young Minds

After a 3 mile walk in the rain, pushing my way through herds of hot topic patrons, and getting my hands on a new Vans brim, I waltzed my way backstage to witness one of the best Warped Tours I have seen in several years.  The energy was amazing and the bands definitely came to show all of the 5000+ kids that punk rock is still very much alive.

So, get your parents to drop you off a mile or so from the venue and dirty up your brand new vans and go see Bad Religion play before they all have walkers.
Well worth dropping the scratch on a ticket!

A big shout out to Steve Van Doren, Big Dan, and all the Vans staff for hooking me up all day!!!!!

Check out the site to find out when this mayhemous hurricane will be tearing through your city.

pictures taken by me.


Old School Flava

So, Vans continues to amaze me with just how many ideas they can pull from such a simple set of designs.  Dutch artist, Parra, has done nothing to stop this momentum.  In fact, the subtle almost childlike designs of the new skate-hi and chukka boot models only fuel the fire.

Vans have been a staple in my closet since I can remember first protesting the usage of socks. They are sturdy but simple, artistic yet plain, and one hell of a tough brand.  Perfect for dragging your feet against fresh grip tape and loose gravel.

Parra's design takes me back to this time.  A time when a fresh pair of Vans made a statement.  When the florescent colors and borderline psychedelic patterns brewed jealousy in the kids rocking a $12 pair of Chuck Taylors.    

Oh yeah and they are made to skate hard in.  

Dear Santa...

So if you find yourself with a knot of hundred dollar bills totaling just about 9 grand, you could either buy a burned out house in ghost town Detroit, or you could splurge a little on Leica's new M8.  For the hefty price of $8,500 you get a single lens, the right to feel quite special as only 274 other people own this camera, and a new life perspective through a tiny half inch glass eye piece.  

I think the choice is a no-brainer.  This all white body gem of a digital camera still embodies the frugal beauty of the Leica models of yester-year.  In fact if the screen on the back weren't so visible one would never suspect that you left your film rolls at home.  

So channel your inner Cartier-Bresson and go drop a years tuition on a piece of metal with a hell of a lot of soul and nostalgia.

Hell if you don't like it just send it to me.

Keep Moving......

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.

-Lao Tzu-

Photo by Vink

Run for the Hills

INSA looks to open his latest exhibition on July 17th at the Nike 1948 store in London. The solo show, entitled “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”, features new works by the London-based artist, in association with Nike Sportswear. Aside from exhibiting various mixed-media works, the show will also be the launching pad for the new Nike Sportswear Air Maxim 1, a new rendition of the classic Air Max 1 silhouette. “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” will run through July 26th, 2009.

Nike 1948 1948 Arches 477-478 Batman’s Row,

 Shoreditch London, EC2 3HH

Snagged from Hypebeast!!!!!

I have forgotten more than you will ever know

Although the subtle passing of famed eccentric/photographer/artist, Dash Snow last week marked the end of a short and turbulent life, the Deitch Projects will be presenting a memorial exhibit.  Set to open sometime this week, the Deitch Projects exhibit will not only showcase several pieces of Snow's personal creations, but also the contributions of many artists as a tribute to Snow's life.

The exhibit will be open to the public both for viewing and artistic contributions until mid-August.


Heavy Metal Kids

two of my favorite things...
Oscar the Grouch  and Slayer