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So, Vans continues to amaze me with just how many ideas they can pull from such a simple set of designs.  Dutch artist, Parra, has done nothing to stop this momentum.  In fact, the subtle almost childlike designs of the new skate-hi and chukka boot models only fuel the fire.

Vans have been a staple in my closet since I can remember first protesting the usage of socks. They are sturdy but simple, artistic yet plain, and one hell of a tough brand.  Perfect for dragging your feet against fresh grip tape and loose gravel.

Parra's design takes me back to this time.  A time when a fresh pair of Vans made a statement.  When the florescent colors and borderline psychedelic patterns brewed jealousy in the kids rocking a $12 pair of Chuck Taylors.    

Oh yeah and they are made to skate hard in.  

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