Dear Santa...

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So if you find yourself with a knot of hundred dollar bills totaling just about 9 grand, you could either buy a burned out house in ghost town Detroit, or you could splurge a little on Leica's new M8.  For the hefty price of $8,500 you get a single lens, the right to feel quite special as only 274 other people own this camera, and a new life perspective through a tiny half inch glass eye piece.  

I think the choice is a no-brainer.  This all white body gem of a digital camera still embodies the frugal beauty of the Leica models of yester-year.  In fact if the screen on the back weren't so visible one would never suspect that you left your film rolls at home.  

So channel your inner Cartier-Bresson and go drop a years tuition on a piece of metal with a hell of a lot of soul and nostalgia.

Hell if you don't like it just send it to me.


  1. dude this camera is soooooooo sick! i wish i could pick one of those up. i met this really old photographer when i was going to racecar mechanics school.he was telling me one day about how much he loved his leica he had back in the 60's. he ended up giving it to this kid he met while on a trip to india. i guess this kid always wanted a leica and just was never going to be able to afford one.

  2. thats sick..the old film ones are easily a thousand bucks these days!! id love a leica but I cant afford one