Face in the Crowd

"Naked I came into the world, but brush strokes cover me, language raises me, music rhythms me. Art is my rod and staff, my resting place and shield, and not mine only, for art leaves nobody out. Even those from whom art has been stolen away by tyranny, by poverty, begin to make it again. If the arts did not exist, at every moment, someone would begin to create them, in song, out of dust and mud, and although the artifacts might be destroyed, the energy that creates them is not destroyed."

- Jeanette Winterson

For UJ....one year later and the loss fells just as strong.


You're so cool

Gadi Gilan Presented by ACL x Cole, Rood & Haan Co. from Michael Williams on Vimeo.

What better way to rev the engine after a two month hiatus than to hijack an amazing video from an even cooler site?

Sean Sullivan, of The Impossible Cool fame, and Michael Williams, of ACL, have once again teamed up to showcase one of the millions of amazing facets New York has to offer.

No need to over-explain....just watch it!



Dancing on a summer breeze....

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

~Sam Keen

Sorry for the break in writing, but I have been swept away by the intoxicating lure of the summer adventure.......be back soon


Godspeed, Andy.

Andy Kessler, a New York skateboarding legend, has died today at the age of 49.
Kessler was not only a large factor in the late 70s and early 80s skate scene in NY, but he was also the major push behind most of the skate parks.
He will be sorely missed in the skate world.


"Never underestimate man's determination to be free"
- A. Watkins

I just like this quote and this photo......

photo by Alex Majol


I Had a Dream I Was Naked.....

For Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim, by serenading Bacardi's newest commercial with their catchy hipster tune, "Daylight", these two have gone from mainstream obscurity to living proof that all you need is a drum, a keyboard, and a whole lot of luck.

With a commercial plastered on television sets across America and a nomination for MTV's "breakthrough video of the year" for a nudity ridden short Matt and Kim seem to be on top of the world.

Hell, if nothing else their songs will definitely make your foot tap the floor and your giant rimmed neon hipster shades steam with excitement.

Check them out here

Goodbye, Norma Jeane

  47 years ago, today, America lost an icon in Marilyn Monroe, after
a massive overdose of sleeping pills.  Luckily, photographers like 
Eve Arnold left us some georgeous images to remember Marilyn.

Eve's photos can be found here


Right This Way, Sir

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found him or herself. But the self is not something that one finds. 
It is something one creates."

- Thomas Szasz

For SMS....when you look back on what may seem your darkest road you will see that I was always waiting on the roadside with unlit candles waiting to help guide your way, for the end result will be the brightest light to ever shine!  you

The Monsters are Taking Over!!!!!!!

Well I am a little bit late posting this little find, however thats what happens when you are cooped up in a hospital for a week.  ( Don't ask)

I didn't see any pigs flying and the temperature in Hell is still pretty warm, yet somehow Banksy shmoozed his way into having the Bristol Museum allow his takeover of the joint.  I can't even imagine what they were thinking, especially since the exhibit is free!!!!

So, if you are in any way able to get your arse over to Bristol before August 31st you are crazy if you do not take advantage of this showing.

check out Banksy's website for more details.


Ticket Please

I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.

                                      -  Rosalia del Castro

picture by me thanks to a long ride on Massachusetts' MBTA line.

Warping Young Minds

After a 3 mile walk in the rain, pushing my way through herds of hot topic patrons, and getting my hands on a new Vans brim, I waltzed my way backstage to witness one of the best Warped Tours I have seen in several years.  The energy was amazing and the bands definitely came to show all of the 5000+ kids that punk rock is still very much alive.

So, get your parents to drop you off a mile or so from the venue and dirty up your brand new vans and go see Bad Religion play before they all have walkers.
Well worth dropping the scratch on a ticket!

A big shout out to Steve Van Doren, Big Dan, and all the Vans staff for hooking me up all day!!!!!

Check out the site to find out when this mayhemous hurricane will be tearing through your city.

pictures taken by me.


Old School Flava

So, Vans continues to amaze me with just how many ideas they can pull from such a simple set of designs.  Dutch artist, Parra, has done nothing to stop this momentum.  In fact, the subtle almost childlike designs of the new skate-hi and chukka boot models only fuel the fire.

Vans have been a staple in my closet since I can remember first protesting the usage of socks. They are sturdy but simple, artistic yet plain, and one hell of a tough brand.  Perfect for dragging your feet against fresh grip tape and loose gravel.

Parra's design takes me back to this time.  A time when a fresh pair of Vans made a statement.  When the florescent colors and borderline psychedelic patterns brewed jealousy in the kids rocking a $12 pair of Chuck Taylors.    

Oh yeah and they are made to skate hard in.  

Dear Santa...

So if you find yourself with a knot of hundred dollar bills totaling just about 9 grand, you could either buy a burned out house in ghost town Detroit, or you could splurge a little on Leica's new M8.  For the hefty price of $8,500 you get a single lens, the right to feel quite special as only 274 other people own this camera, and a new life perspective through a tiny half inch glass eye piece.  

I think the choice is a no-brainer.  This all white body gem of a digital camera still embodies the frugal beauty of the Leica models of yester-year.  In fact if the screen on the back weren't so visible one would never suspect that you left your film rolls at home.  

So channel your inner Cartier-Bresson and go drop a years tuition on a piece of metal with a hell of a lot of soul and nostalgia.

Hell if you don't like it just send it to me.

Keep Moving......

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.

-Lao Tzu-

Photo by Vink

Run for the Hills

INSA looks to open his latest exhibition on July 17th at the Nike 1948 store in London. The solo show, entitled “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”, features new works by the London-based artist, in association with Nike Sportswear. Aside from exhibiting various mixed-media works, the show will also be the launching pad for the new Nike Sportswear Air Maxim 1, a new rendition of the classic Air Max 1 silhouette. “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” will run through July 26th, 2009.

Nike 1948 1948 Arches 477-478 Batman’s Row,

 Shoreditch London, EC2 3HH

Snagged from Hypebeast!!!!!

I have forgotten more than you will ever know

Although the subtle passing of famed eccentric/photographer/artist, Dash Snow last week marked the end of a short and turbulent life, the Deitch Projects will be presenting a memorial exhibit.  Set to open sometime this week, the Deitch Projects exhibit will not only showcase several pieces of Snow's personal creations, but also the contributions of many artists as a tribute to Snow's life.

The exhibit will be open to the public both for viewing and artistic contributions until mid-August.


Heavy Metal Kids

two of my favorite things...
Oscar the Grouch  and Slayer




If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.  -
 - Michael Jackson

     In the wake of the loss of undoubtedly music's greatest performer, I think we should take a look at the way we treat people in society and how the media has become such a disgusting animal in itself.  For the papers and television to focus on his finances, appearance, and the way he died more than how much he contributed not only to music but also many people's lives, is disgusting and revolting.  

    When will we relieve ourselves of this need to ruin celebrities and knock them down?  We should instead focus on the impact and incredible legacy that is left behind.


If Memory Serves Me

I happened to watch "Vanilla Sky" the other day and it got me thinking about when I used to watch Jason Lee skate in some of the old 411 video magazines.  

I wonder how many people realize that the "My Name is Earle" star was once a skinny little skate rat?

The Power of Grey Skull

Ok, so if you are a American male between the ages of 25 and, say, 32 right now ,and your parents didn't chain you up in the basement for all of your formative years.....then there is a slim chance that you didn't absolutely bow to He-Man and Skeletor. 

Now is the time to let that inner superhero reign once again.  No I am not suggesting you dig out the plastic sword and shield from your childhood toy stash ( yes I had one), I am telling you to go check out the "I Have the Power" exhibit @ the Double Punch store in San Francisco.  And hurry it is only on until July 19th.

Just tell your girlfriend you are going to a strip club or a bare-knuckle boxing match..... something else manly.


Up,Up and Away

"I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing - a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process - an integral function of the universe."
- R. Buckminster Fuller


What a Gem

Nothing is better than someone rocking a horrendous tattoo for the rest of their life!
This blog is a collection of all things crappy and permanent.
Feast your eyes.......



Gone Fishin'

I'll see you on the flip side of the weekend...taking a little break from the hustle.
Everyone do something that scares you this weekend!

ps....this is another Asger Carlsen photo

hear me roar

“It’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb.”

photo by McLion... hence the quote


Not Again

Seriously, how many styles and variations can one company bust out of such a basic idea? Apparently endless amounts.  And thank god because I pretty much solely rock vans at all times.

Besides just owning the market in stylish sneakers this decade, Vans has also been distributing the "Syndicate" line.  Mostly, the company has been giving pioneers in the early skate world free reign to design their own rubber.  Last to come out was Frisco star Max Schaaf, and now comes the return of the ever-so-outrageous Jason Jessee.  

These newest additions are far from Jason's first Vans collaboration, but he has yet to disappoint.  Sporting a modest brown or black leather, Jason's kicks are subtle beauties that are sure to fly off the shelves.  

Jason, now a custom chopper builder/artist/ conspiracy theorist, has designed a classic style with a subtle modern flare.  

Look out for these gems in the fall 2009 collection.

See Ya on the Flipside

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."

- David Carradine

In the wake of David Carradine's mysterious death, I figured it was only fitting to use a quote from the late actor. 

Photo by Dan Clinch


Photography has become an obsession of mine lately, so my tastes probably seem to be all over the scale.  Usually when I find a new artist, that I enjoy, I write about their background. However, this time I am going to let Asger Carlsen's work speak for itself.  All I will tell you is that Carlsen started off as a street photographer and has now blossomed into an extremely individualistic eye.

To be honest with you, I have no idea what it is that strikes my fancy in Carlsen's work. However there is no denying the talent and explosiveness of Asger's compositions.

enjoy more here

Healing the World One Song at a Time

Playing For Change, in alliance with Concorde Music Group, has been traveling the world recording musicians of all different talents and backgrounds.  From street performers, to local legends, to some of the biggest contemporary music names this project personifies collaboration in its truest form.

After debuting at SXSW last year, the group has been steadily cranking out new videos.

Check out their site here and become part of a movement towards change.


Paint the World

I have recently noticed how stuffy I have become in my old age of 27...long gone are the days of skating all day with a touch of vandalism and mischief.  Where did it go?  I feel like my 18 year-old self would open handed smack me in the face if we met on a street corner...

So on such a beautiful weekend remember what it was like to be care free and ballsy. Go outside and paint on something or dust off the old board.  Do something. We have all become a culture of recluses and vampires.....and I think it stinks.

I'm off to go tag the hell out of a bridge near my house.

ps...second pic is by Lebeat


1 part grandpa, two parts awesome

For the past few years, subtle variations of the ever-classic work flannel have been creeping into the marketplace.  Some are not so energizing.  However, the latest collaboration of American design giant, Pendleton,and Japanese rookie ,Deluxe, will surely champion a whole new revival.

Hitting the streets in early fall 2009, the new checked wool work shirts boast a subtle three color motif combined with a classic button down style and minimal branding.   

As of now, Zozotown is the only game in town repping the line, but I am sure big names will soon follow suit.

Keep an eye out kids. 


Absolutely Amazing

I think this video speaks for itself...... enjoy


Room to Breathe

"simply because you can breathe doesn't mean you're alive or that you really live."

Tim McIlrath


You Tick Lump

First thing first, Tick One doesn't care what you think about him.  He rides motorcycles, drives awesome old cars, vandalizes property, and oh yeah creates awesome art.  

It is hard to put a tag on what it is Tick does or what makes it so cool, but I love his blended style of street art, insanity, and cartoon characters.  

I recently became aware of his work from an old car magazine and I have been lured in ever since.

check it out for yourself here.

And check out some of his stuff @ the Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo, CA on july 13th.