Warping Young Minds

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After a 3 mile walk in the rain, pushing my way through herds of hot topic patrons, and getting my hands on a new Vans brim, I waltzed my way backstage to witness one of the best Warped Tours I have seen in several years.  The energy was amazing and the bands definitely came to show all of the 5000+ kids that punk rock is still very much alive.

So, get your parents to drop you off a mile or so from the venue and dirty up your brand new vans and go see Bad Religion play before they all have walkers.
Well worth dropping the scratch on a ticket!

A big shout out to Steve Van Doren, Big Dan, and all the Vans staff for hooking me up all day!!!!!

Check out the site to find out when this mayhemous hurricane will be tearing through your city.

pictures taken by me.

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